Associated partners HKR

Over the project period of our subproject cube-x Journey to Abadyl we have had the following associated partners.

Kristianstad Center for Contemporary Art who is the mayor art venue in the region of kristianstad worked with us through the whole project period, supporting and promoting most of our activities in Kristianstad. We made three exhibitions there and held a series of workshops and they also was one of the main venues during our wanderlost workshop and exhibition in April 2017.

We worked with them in the a Virtual Reality experience “Genius Loci” of the unknown non-places of the city and hosting the workshop “Fictioning”. The Danish group CoreAct invited audience into their performance installation at the Kristianstad Center for Contemporary Art  “My Table, is your Table“ a coffee feast playing with the idea of the private vs. the public space, inviting people to participate but instead of traditional topic, the conversation is based around identity and nationalism. The also lended us their local network of artist and companies that we later invited and brought into the project on different levels.

Students and artists at Kristianstad Center for Contemporary Art setting up the non places exhibition

Students and artists at Kristianstad Center for Contemporary Art the non places exhibition

From the Genus Loci VR exhibition by Thore Soneson, part of the Cubex-jounrney to Abadyl and wanderlost public workshops and exhibition at the Kristianstad Center for Contemporary Art

Together with the Gauss institute we partnered with The Swedish institute in the project “Fostering Urban Democracy through Participatory Urban Art. The project objective was to contribute to deepening the democracy process in Republic of Macedonia through fostering innovative approaches that can empower participatory democracy with special focus on the urban art and urban planning. Through the support by The Swedish institute we brought our ideas and practice  of participation in the area of both art and design, we managed through our presentation raise awareness about other forms of urban and public methods and expressions for both conducting art projects with a focus on involvement and participation, were the processes itself is as important as the actual artwork, that also can be understood as a artwork in itself without leaving any effects in the urban area itself except the people involved conducting and participating in it.

The Dollhouse, Nils Petter Löfström och Erik Westman 2015

Participating partners Bitola 2015 Erik Westman, Michael Johansson, Igor Nedelkovski , Åsa Maria Bengtsson, Nils Petter Löfström

Workshop preparation Bitola 2015 Nils Petter Löfström, Erik Westman and Åsa Maria Bengtsson,

We also worked closely with the Ideal Spaces working group to help us to explore spaces of social and imaginative relevance. With them we developed spatial and mediated experiences using animation, 3d and Virtual reality. Both used in several of our workshops and exhibitions. We also had some of the invited artists and and design students involved in the idealspaces exhibitions at the Venice biennale of architecture in 2016 and in the ECC exhibition at palazzo Mora in Venice in 2018.

This working group works with  the idea of gestalt through artefact creation (including virtual objects and 3D-worlds) as one surface to explore, exploit, test and communicate our ideas and concepts, that are generative rather that produced, where we try  to grasp systematic insights through complex generated realities, in which an audience later is invited to interact.  In the Ideal spaces exhibition for the 2016 biennale in Venice we tried to explore this via a combination of presenting ideal city spaces, active participation of the visitors molding their own spaces, and symbolic representation. In the project the Ideal spaces group made important contributions regarding ideal spaces through history but also as an idea.

From the Venice Biennale 2016 from which we together with artist and designers from the Ideal spaces working group developed the idealspaces VR experience showned later in 2017 and 2018 in Copenhagen and Kristianstad

From a workshop in Malmö Sweden at the inter art centre with artist/designers Andi Seiss and Daniel Hepperle about Immersion in VR a piece a independent development of Da Vincis Milano and Jellicos Motopia in unity3d that later was showed in Copenhagen october 2017  and Kristianstad in may 2018. And presented as a full paper on the Artsit 2018 Conference in Braga Portugal.